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Robert E. Barber, P.E.

Research Engineer


Texas A&M University

Who am I? Lets see...You could go to the resume, or just follow the analysis...

  • Kindom; Animalia-Implies; motility (when not in a veggie state in front of the tube), two genders (guarantees that we will never exist in complete peace)
  • Phylum; Chordata-Subphylum-Vertabrata; Implies; A nervous system (sort of) with a spine (go ahead, piss me off!)
  •  Class; Mammalia-Implies; Hair (oh yeah, do I have hair!), warm blood (usually, but can be motivated to become hot blooded).
  • Order;Primates-Implies; Opposable thumb (useful for breaking things), Forward facing eyes (tunnel vision), Well developed cerebral cortex (lots of questions, few answers), Social being (the word "social" is used loosely here), Omnivorous (I'll eat anything, including anchovies).
  •  Species; Homo sapien (no, this is not a gay person)-Implies; Bipedalism (don't try this unless you are sober), Toolmaker/user (like the guy on TOOL TIME), Curious (beyond reason), Intelligent (smart enough to make really big mistakes).
  •  Race; Caucasian-Implies; White skin (not enough sun, too much time in front of a computer), Light hair (mostly gray now), Responsible for all of the worlds ills, none of it's success.
  •  Gender; Male-Implies; Subject to politically correct ridicule (amplified by being Caucasian), Attracted to females (married, but still find them attractive), Facial hair (too lazy to shave), Tool junkie (More power!!),
  •  Social Group; Scientific/Academic (most of the time)-Implies; Curiosity (extreme skill at going broke in pursuit of knowledge), AKA: perverse sense of needing to actually know it all, while not actually knowing it all.
  •  Political affiliation; Depends on who pays for the research. Seriously...not! I vote acrding to what I think is the best choice. 

  •  Interest; Physics, material science, Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE), and of course, computers, engineering, and science in general.
  •  Goals; Continue in science and engineering, Sail the world, Fly my Sonex 'till it fits like and old shoe, See my children succeed, Die happy (or at least knowing it was not all a waste of time).
  • Education (thus far); High School; not! Undergraduate University; Sam Houston State Unversity, BS Cum Laude in Physics, May '95. Graduate University; TAMU, Dept. of Physics, Dept. of Mech. Eng., Passed P.E. exam, and of course, a Ph.D from HKU.

  • Physical Address; Galaxy: Milky Way, Location in galaxy:Persius Arm, Star system: Sol, Planet: Earth (third in system), Coordinates: 30' 38", 96'23", Continent: North America, Nation: United States, State: Texas, City: Bryan, Street address: 2809 Forestwood, ZIP: 77801,(or, just look for a planet that that resembles the one at the bottom of this page!

  •  History; I am old enough to have 10 grandkids, which is too old to fit it all on this page, so write me for more info.

  •  Hobbies (when I can afford them); Computers , RC Aircraft, and Aircraft in general (I am a pilot, and own a '46 Cessna 140 , and a Sonex, Sailing, Just learning.

  •  Religion; Strong Agnostic. This means that I do not believe in a god, but at the same time I do not believe there is no god either. I am also convinced you don't know either, regardless how loudly you say you do know. I will remain that way until I find some reason to believe otherwise. Hey, at least I am honest!
  •  Work: I am a licensed professional engineer (PE), and I work part time at TAMU as a Research Engineer, where I do a wide assortment of things from design to laboratory management. I also work at Shear Form, Inc. as the Vice President of Operations, and at home as Barber Computing Technologies (BCT), where I do CAD and related design work with Solidworks 2006.